Motorcycle Training


Welcome to MTPS Motorcycle Training, a Hemel Hempstead based motorcycle training provider. We are here to ensure that the service you receive is of a very high standard and that you are comfortable throughout your training with us. Remember you are the one that is important.

We pride ourselves on our name and we are here to put 'personal' back in to service. We offer the very best to our fellow riders, arranging home start which is based on getting you started from your own area, then moving on to training around your test centre's area making you fully aware of traffic signs, road markings and speed variations in advance. You need to be at 100% level so we want you at 200% so that you are guaranteed to pass first time, keeping you safe as well as other road users.

If you are searching to find a motorcycle training school, be sure to check that there will not be any additional charges for your CBT if you need to reattend for more practice to reach a satisfactory level.

You are very important to us and we guarantee to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Giving you full support from booking your CBT, to purchasing your very own motorcycle, as well as clothing, insurance and maintenance.

If you just want to find out what learning to ride a motorcycle is all about you are welcome to come along free of charge; or if you are getting back to biking again, we will support you with reganing your confidence and skill.

Having many years experience on different types of bikes and scooters we would be honoured to pass that knowledge on to you throughout your Training period.

There is nothing worse than someone having the love of motorcycles and finally plucking up the courage to go on a friends bike to be taken up to high speeds dangerously and losing your confidence. Here at MTPS we take all things into account and make it as enjoyable as possible.

We cater for all your motorcycle training requirements:

  • CBT Courses
  • 125cc practice
  • Module 1 training
  • Module 2 training
  • Direct Access
  • Advanced training
  • One to one personal training
  • Intensive training that will get you up to test level in just one day

Whether you are a beginner or getting back to biking we are happy to assist you with whichever stage you are at.

All the courses and lessons are at affordable prices and there is no deposit to pay upfront as you will pay for your test and training as and when you take them.

For more info, please call us at 07968483838 or email us at

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