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Carrying a pillion

Please note before you carry a pillion you must ensure that your bike has dual seat, 2 sets of foot rests.

The pilion must at all times wear an approved safety helmet that is correctly fastened

Q. What adjustments would you make before carrying a pillion?
  1. Tyre Pressure - Increase as necessary (Check Owners Manual)
  2. Rear Suspensions - Increase as per Owners Manual
  3. Mirrors - Tilt Upwards to allow for rear weight
  4. Headlight - Adjust Downward
Q. How would carrying a pillion effect your Motorcycle?
  1. Pulling Away - More throttle required but steady with the clutch
  2. Braking - More braking distance required stopping at the desired point, affecting the 2 second rule.
  3. Cornering - Take corners slower to allow for extra weight
Q. What information would you give a pillion before taking them on the bike?
  1. Sit astride the bike
  2. Keep feet on foot pegs at all times
  3. Hold onto the bike i.e. grab rails or the rider firmly
  4. Lean with the rider
  5. Advise them on how best to communicate with you i.e a tap on the shoulder noting that will distract you
  6. No hand signals
  7. Do not mount or dismount until told to do so