MTPS — Motorcycle Training Personal Services


Here are some useful websites that will help you with your riding course:

Please feel free to click on our videos below. More to follow shortly. We will be filming you and posting your video here if you let us, that is.

Here we have Roy practicing for his mod 1 and 2, good luck with your test on friday

Here we have Joe making it look so easy, and since then he has passed his mod 1. Well done to you, Joe.

Robert Rawlings riding in style

Graham's perfection part 1

This video is of Harry on his 125cc practice and after one day of intesive training, you can see for yourself that he is almost at test level (well done to MTPS family).

Lawrence's fast progress and our happy customers

Danny's first ride out follwing his CBT, and his 500cc practice

Here we have Ben on his 125 practice. What a big improvement after an intensive days training.

Thumbs down to his previous riding school. As he is now family, look at his excellent improvement.

William on his 125cc practice prior to his Mod 1 test and Stewart and Stefen's 125cc practice

Patrick's 125cc practice on our new bike

Accuracy is key, with James, Alex and Andy

Grant, Kevin and Starlena's practice